Questions on Dress and Appearance

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Will the Officiant dress appropriately for your wedding ceremony?
holder Our traditional attire is black shirt and black slacks.
This is YOUR DAY and we wish to meet your needs, so please let us know of any special requests.

If you are having a traditional style wedding, do you want the Officiant to show up in a gold lame top and purple pants
holder A story like this may be laughed about at a dinner party, many years later, but at the time, it would be quite a surprise to the bride, groom and guests.

Be sure you coordinate attire with your Officiant so the Officiant is not inappropriately dressed for your wedding ceremony.
holder If you are having a themed wedding and wish a specific style of dress, let your Officiant know.
holder If you desire casual attire, tell the Officiant.
holder You are in charge, and your Officiant needs to know what you expect.

If your wedding traditions do not include black, donít hesitate to tell your Officiant.
holder Likewise, if you are having a more traditional religious ceremony and wish your Officiant to be in robes.
holder The three of you appear together in front of your family and friends for 20-30 minutes, and you want your ceremony picture perfect, not a comic book clashing of color and style.