Who we are, a bit about us

Reverend Shere’e Robinson
Ordained in 2000.  Extensive religious background

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Reverend Daniel Levine
Minister and spiritual councilor for over 30 years

If you belong to a church, your religious official will generally perform your wedding ceremony.  However, if you do not attend regularly, the religious official may chose not to.  What if you do not belong to a church?  What if you have been living together?  What if you are pregnant?  What if the groom and bride are of different faiths?

Then you will probably not be married in the church.

You don’t have to go to the courthouse either.

You can be married by a non-denominational Officiant in a beautiful location of your choice and help create your own ceremony.
As ministers ordained through the Universal Life Church, we have chosen to perform civil, non-denominational ceremonies.
You should have choices about your ceremony and your Officiant, and location for a reasonable price.