Questions on Ceremony Control

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Does the Officiant have sample ceremonies to show you?
holder We strive to offer a wide variety of ceremony wording.
We encourage you to customize your ceremony by adding your own vows, traditions, readings and music.

holder Two of our packages offer you access to dozens of ceremonies, vows, and traditions to help you customize your day.

holder Will the Officiant let you customize your ceremony by adding your own vows, readings and music?
holder Can you include religious touches if desired?

If you are getting married in a church or other organized religious ceremony, the minister or priest will perform their standard marriage ceremony.
holder Many will not allow any variation of the religious ceremony and all additions you propose must be approved by him or her.

A judge at the courthouse has a standard, short ceremony to perform.
holder You show up in the courtroom, the words are spoken, and you leave as husband and wife.
holder You often have no control over the ceremony.

The same can be held true for many Officiants.
holder Some have standard ceremonies they use, and do not allow for many deviations.

If the content of your ceremony is important to you, the vows you will make to each other, the readings and traditions performed, you will want to find an Officiant who will allow you to customize your ceremony.
holder If you are uncomfortable or do not have time to write your whole ceremony, the Officiant should have ceremony language available to help you create your ceremony.
holder If you wish to write your ceremony or parts of it, the Officiant should be willing to work with you to create your ceremony.