Questions on Costs

Availability Costs Special Requests Ceremony Control Dress and Appearance

Does the Officiant charge a standard fee?
What is it and whatís included?

holder We offer 5 ceremony packages.
Each is outlined on our
Packages page.
Information on additions can be found on our
Fees, Payments, Discounts page.

holder A tradition normally adds only 5 to 15 minutes to a ceremony.
Usually this can be done at little or no cost for the additional materials while providing a way to express your own uniqueness.

holder Donít be afraid to ask your Officiant what the fees are for your ceremony, rehearsal, meetings, and special requests.
holder Find out whatís included in those fees, and what are considered extra charges.
holder How much time is included for preparing your ceremony?

Remember, your wedding is your special day.

You donít want it spoiled by unexpected money issues, so be sure to ask what is included in your package.

Your Officiant shouldn't mind explaining the details of preparing your ceremony and outlining included items.