Services and Ceremony ideas

We offer 5 different ceremony packages.
Each is outlined on our Packages page.

Adding a tradition allows you create a unique style to your ceremony.
Click here for a few examples.

Remember,  this is your wedding.
 Incorporate your personal ideas into your plans.
Be creative, romantic, sentimental or outrageous (as you wish).
Here are some ideas and suggestions to consider as you help design,
create, and write your wedding ceremony.

Honoring Your Mothers
holder Have the Groom escort both Mothers to their seats in the processional.
holder Have the Bride pause and present the Mothers flowers, embroidered handkerchiefs, or other special gifts before taking her place beside the groom.

Are there already Children in the Family?
holder Include children or mention them if you are blending two families.
     This day is as important to their lives as it is to yours.
holder If they are old enough, have them participate in a Candle Lighting or Blending of the Sands.
holder Reverend Daniel:  I had one young child that wished to stand with me.
We had him hand the queue cards to his mother and future father.

Include Special, Unique, Memorable Rituals
holder An exchange of roses, or Drinking of the wine and breaking the glass
holder Blessing of parents and children,  or Offering a family medallion to children.

Change things up a bit
holder Have all the parents stand to be recognized at the time the Bride is presented to the groom.
holder Consider facing your guests instead of having your back to them.
holder Select something non-traditional for your recessional music.

 When your ceremony is prepared with care and love,
whatever happens during the ceremony itself
(be it dropping the rings, flubbing your lines, etc.),
it becomes part of the magic, the joy, the memory of the moment,
and contributes to the uniqueness of your day.
So have fun, be creative and enjoy the process of creating your ceremony.